E17 goes to openSUSE

Hi lizards fellows,

after years of development of E17, after years of E17 built for openSUSE externally I’m glad I can say that E17 release is getting
near and it’s way to openSUSE is getting to an end.

Release is scheduled to December 21th 2012 and all packages needed for the E are already accepted or waiting in the openSUSE submit queue for review.

E17 is not the ultimate goal, but first step in accepting this live part of opensource world ecosystem. You can find our future steps in Todo list on wiki (see URL bellow).

To coordinate further efforts we formed group and provide (in this time) needed social media access too. You can there find basic
information and information about progress.

Portal on Wiki:

openSUSE Connect:



#opensuse-e @ FreeNode

We provide two repositories in OBS for E:


  • this repository contains packages, which were released and packages
    which are compiled against releases
  • this is the devel project where the packages goes to Factory from
    and is meant for users


  • this repository follows SVN commits strictly, contains much more
    packages, but can from time to time be broken same way as upstream
  • this is for EFL+E17 developers and testers

Have fun!

cool. thanks

Thanks for this information.

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