Dynex ethernet card not working correctly

I have a hp zd 7000, i really like this laptop, the onboard ethernet will not work at all.
i purchased a dynex wired ethernet pcmcia card to get on the internet with. i have had no luck getting on the internet with it it will light up so i am getting power but no transmitting light works at all i have three net work cards listed in the system. one is the wireless. and the other two are the wired eth0 is the onboard and eth2 is the dynex what can i do next to determine the problem i do not use the wireless at all.

  1. Just to get started, can you please provide the output of
/sbin/lspci -nnk

Preferably just the ethernet-related output.

This thread dealt with the same issue, so read this first.

  1. If you think it is supported, did you try configuring via YaST yet?

  2. What do you get from the following?