DVD to mpeg conversion utility

I need a utility to convert a non-copyprotected dvd to an mpeg file. Where can I find one? Something I can send via email. Thanks.

Have you tried K3B?

More actions-> Rip Video DVD

You can do this

mplayer dvd://1 -dumpstream -dumpfile movie.mpg

is this video DVD in VOB or avi or some other format ?

I find devede and avidemux both great programs for doing all manner of things with video files

avidemux has two graphical frontends, avidemux-qt and avidemux-gtk, you only need one and I generally use the gtk version cos I find it needs to install less dependencies on my setup than the qt one, dunno if that’s down to using kde or dependencies satisfied by things I had already installed

The qt and gtk versions are virtually identical though so it shouldn’t really matter which one you choose, if you choose none you’ll only have the command-line version

devede is graphical and it just installs what it needs and with both these installed I can do most stuff, most notable exception being things like converting to 3gp for phones etc, but you weren’t looking for that anyway

I added the packman repository and installed the dvd reader in Kaffenine. Says uses “trancode code to rip dvd”.

>If ‘mplayer’ is not a typo you can use command-not-found to lookup the package that contains it, like this: cnf mplayer

It looks like it needs to be this now:

MPlayer dvd://1 -dumpstream -dumpfile movie.mpg


I went into yast to install mplayer. Once I did that, I was able to output an uncompressed mpeg. I had to use a mswindows utility to change the format to avi.

241 megs - mpeg video -> 23.1 megs - AVI video

What utilities are available for SUSE that can do these conversions?

so mplayer as opposed to MPlayer worked?

GUI utils: handbrake, avidemux, ogmrip

+1 to Handbrake. I used it to convert my small DVD collection to MPEG4 (h264) files. The only downside is it doesn’t support converting to DivX format, but you shouldn’t really need to do that much nowadays.

+1 to Avidemux

Yes. Once I installed mplayer. “mplayer” command worked. I’ll try out those video conversion utilities you mentioned.

Cute Giraff anyone?

Isn’t that like Handbrake?

To some extent they’re all more or less the same. Cute Giraff is a GUI wrapper for ffmpeg with some options which the others don’t have (e.g. batch conversion, video/audio/image codec all in one app).

Or I’ve just found yesterday another cool looking suite: PyMedia. I’ll definitely try it as they say it can even play encrypted DVDs - nice.

Handbrake does encrypted DVDs too with no problems. Basically if you can play it in VLC or some other app it means you have the right lidvdcss stuff installed and handbrake can rip it.