DVD styler problem with buttons

I’m having problems with DVD Styler. This application allows you make dvds for DVD players.

I’v figured out how to add starting menus, add chapter menus, dropin/moving/aligning buttons, set backgrounds and overlay images, adding files as a chapter (chapters aligned with buttons), and button links.

I have three menus. Starting screen: play all, select chapter (default)

Menu #2: chapter menu with background + image over that + 5 button links.

Menu #3: chapter menu with background + image over + 2 button links.

Starting menu: I want to change the text color, instead of underline, when moving the cursor with dvd remote buttons. The underline is off on the second button. I think I can fix it.

Menu #2, #3: I can’t see any underline to show which button is highlighted. I like to use change text color on pressing left and right dvd remote buttons.

I’m not sure, if I can post the dvd file source. Any help please.

In addition, i’m doing another simple project to learn the basics. I used the first template in the list.

Template #1: main menu, chapter menu

Dragged dropped in five chapter files
removed large boxes
copied and pasted text links until I had 5 chapter links.
Linked all the files to chapter text links
added one link to main menu (playall, select chapter)

All of it works right, using vlc as the test media player. I get a white dot next to text links that I can move around and select items and view them.

If click stop, it exits vlc. ?

The first item on the menu is aligned. If I move the cursor, all the later links are off center. ?

Also, I have dvd styler up to date. I’m using KDE.