DVD Ripping - Help

I have a bit of a problem. My nieces each got a new iPod for Xmas. They were told by my brother (the bas***d) that I could put their favorite films onto the iPods for them. I, in my very merry Xmas state, said “sure no problem”. That’s where my problems begin. I have no idea how to rip a DVD (4.3 GB or whatever) to a file that will run on the new iPod; Especially on my OpenSuse 10.3 PC.

And this is where you guys come in. Help, how, with which program, baby-steps-explanation please.

As for your reward, apart from feeling good about helping someone learn more about using Linux, if you happen to be in Antigua (Caribbean) drop me a line. That’s where I live, I’ll buy you a drink. How’s that for an offer.

  1. Download transcode from here as per your suse version and install it :
    PackMan :: Package details for transcode

  2. Download and install transcode gui dvd:rip from here : PackMan :: Package details for dvdrip

  3. Download and Install gtkpod from here : PackMan :: Package details for gtkpod

  4. Use dvd:rip (It’s a GUI, U can make it) to rip dvd.

  5. Use gtkpod (This’s also GUI) to transfer them to iPod.

Hope this’ll work.

I got DVD:rip installed. I will give it a try this week.

Thanks for the help.

I use handbrake to rip dvd´s into iPod format. There are pre-defined settings for the different iPods. Handbrake you can find in the pacman repository.