DVD & MP3 Playback

Hello all. I am not a complete newb to suse, but for the longest time DVD and MP3 playback have haunted me. I fully understand the idea behind open source and not packaging the codecs with the OS. My question is this: I am running openSUSE 11.2 on my lappy. When I try to follow steps online to install all the necessary codecs, plugins and applications. I always seem to run into dependency problems. Can ANYONE out there give a step by step walk through of installing and running all the necessary files, codecs, apps. from a fresh install that has worked for them to get media to work in suse 11.2? For the sake of example and trying to get this process done right lets assume that I have installed suse fresh on my system and want to play DVD’s and listen to MP3’s. What needs to be done?


Follow this carefully!
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums


Thanks a lot for the info. It works very well now. Now I feel like I have a fully functional operating system! Totem still doesn’t work, but VLC does the trick. I am very satisfied!


Totem doesn’t even get on my system, mind you I use kde. But even with gnome installs I would remove it.
smplayer and or gnome mplayer along with vlc get my vote.