dup to 20221004 requires removal of directory /usr/lib/firmware/qcom/LENOVO/21BX

Upgrade of package kernel-firmware-qcom requires removal of directory /usr/lib/firmware/qcom/LENOVO/21BX to succeed.

Did you look at the Factory ML notice and the changes? “* qcom: rename Lenovo ThinkPad X13s firmware paths”

Yep. From: New Tumbleweed snapshot 20221004 released! - openSUSE Factory - openSUSE Mailing Lists

“Fix install-split.sh for dealing with a symlink of directory”

Every now and then this issue occurs. I fix it by removing the offending object and rerunning dup.

I did it by removing the offending package, then reinstalling it. Your method is much quicker. :slight_smile:


Can confirm the remedy works on both my machines, i5-3470 and Pentium Dual Core 5300. Thx.