Dummy can't find screen saver control

Where do I setup the screen saver on 11.1 Kde?

I have looked through the forums and online help and see “Banners and Pictures” but I cannot find it on the desktop.

Newbie to Suse.:shame:

Assuming you are on KDE4, you can do that by going to Kicker->Configure Desktop->Desktop->Screen Saver

Well I found “About KDE” and it shows “K Desktop Environment” Version 4.1.3 release 4.9.

But I see no “Kicker” under any of the icons on the desktop and Kicker at the command prompt in terminal also not found.

oh… sorry for confusion… the little green icon on desktop similar to “Windows->Start” button is known as the “Kickoff Application Launcher”

Ok, I found it! rotfl!