Dual screen configuration


I have on a HP DC770 a Chipset Intel 965Q integred in the mother board (VGA) and a DVI Dell Silicon Image SI 164 (which is not a graphic card but an additional DVI input).
I want a dual head with 2 monitors HP 1740.

For information on start system immediately the 2nd monitor is detected.
The result of this command is :
mycomputer:~ sax2 -p
Chip: 0 is -> Intel 965Q 00:02:0 0x8086 0x2992 PCI intel

The dual head mode isn’t working… I tried to used Sax2 but without success (my 2nd monitor is detected but lock as a clone). I searched a solution on web and many people talk about xinerama, xorg, ect… So I tried to modify xorg.conf but without success.

Someone have yet resolve this problem ?

Thanks for futur help.


Have you tried xrandr?
pls check this page:
Multiple Screens Using XRandR - openSUSE