Dual monitors using a USB C hub

Hello out there. I am using OPENSUSE Leap 15.0 on an HP Pavilion g series laptop. I am trying move this system to my new dual monitor setup, using a Hiearcool USB C hub,and a CKL dual monitor 4 port KVM switch. Three systems are working fine, but the OPENSUSE system is not. I can use the keyboard, mouse, Ethernet, and card reader slots on the hub, but the display show no signal. This is a shame since I really want use the hub, and the dual monitors. The card reader slot on the laptop is broken, so this is the only way I can use my card to back up my work, which I do in addition to cloud backups. any suggestion on how to get the monitors going? Thank you so much,


Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
The kernel in leap 15.0 doesn’t have the DisplayPort Alt Mode feature, what I suggest is download a Tumbleweed live USB image and then running that since it has the 5.x kernel and see if it starts working. Then would have to look at running an alternative kernel with Leap 15.0.

Hello Malcolm. Thank you for your prompt answer. I will try that, and post the results.