Dual monitor setup problems

I wish everybody a wonderful new year

My setup consists of two monitors with the left one (set primary) connected to DVI and the right one to HDMI.
I use the right one on daily bases and the left one when I need extra windows.

Every time that I boot my PC the left monitor regardless of being on or off and although the mouse can point to it, I can see only the boot screen or nothing. Also, the right screen does not behave well.
After using Display Configuration and move one of the screens applying and afterwards discarding the new setup, the left screen displays fine and the right behaves well.

My question is what setup files are responsible for that behavior and how can I fix that.
Is .config/systemsettingsrc, .config/plasmashellrc, /etc/x11/xorg.conf or other?

My setup is openSUSE Tumbleweed / kde and plasma
Hardware is Intel HD Graphics 630 / i5-7600T CPU on Gigabyte Z270-HD3P-CF motherboard.

Thanks in advanced

Try going into systemsettings where things are started up in the background, and disable Kscreen2.

Problems with multiple displays in Plasma are legend in KDE’s bug tracker. Fixes are promised from upstream for 5.27. We shall see.

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I guess you like to know which are the monitor config files to see the difference between what works and what does not work. That is a good debug strategy I think.

On which files to monitor, see How do I reset my monitor settings?

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After removing some old files from .local/share/kscreen and fixing the uuid of two monitors, I reboot my PC and voila, it worked!!!
HDMI1 linked to the same uuid as HDMI2

Thank you all for replying!