Dual display, windows opening on wrong one


Having some issues with a dual display setup.

Opensuse 42.2 (situation was the same on 42.1, before that I don’t know as didn’t have this hardware), KDE, Intel HD4600, a monitor and a tv. When I wish to display something from the pc on the tv, 99% of the time it’s vdr-sxfe (dvb). Tv is not easily visible from the pc, so not much point showing other software there.

In KDE System Settings -> Display and Monitor the monitor is set for primary display. Under Window Management, Separate screen focus and Active screen follows mouse are ticked. Most windows open on the monitor, where they should, but some (non-KDE) apps (ex Steam, sub-windows of Gimp) insist on opening onto the tv. Also having any windows (including KDE apps) open on the monitor when the tv is off, and then turning on the tv, causes the open windows to jump onto the tv.

A lesser issue, it would be nice to have separate screensaver settings for the two displays (have a screensaver for the monitor, not for the tv).

Are there some settings in KDE I have missed, or should I try to figure out how to run two X servers? Couldn’t find any tutorials for that.

One possibility is to disable the tv from KDE System Settings -> Display and Monitor when vdr-sxfe is not used, and enable it when it is used. But that’s a lot of clicking. Is there a way to script that, ex have two configuration files (what file?), copy one over the other, and send KDE a signal (how?) to go read the file?