dual boot win10

fast boot disabled…only info I could find was “Dual boot opensuse leap and win10 UEFI” by Eric aka tweakhound. now I’m here and pissed>:(…I live in the sticks of nova scotia and we have internet called rural broadband… max speed 175kb/s on a rare good day…download iso to usb over 2 nights. tried it , got to suggested partitioning and it wanted to delete everything windows. tried changing things in expert mode, and i keep doing something wrong… abort…delete usb, download again. Another few nights…try install again, same thing, suspect something not right with the torrent downloads…So I order $30 dollar disks from calorado ensuring good copy dvds install, and 4 repository disks…tried it, same outcome…I ran ubuntu a few years back with win7 dual boot and no problems but I didn’t care for it. Now I’m ready to try again and I want opensuseleap and plasma…the info I’m going by is a bit vague so now I’m stuck and almost ready yet again to fully submit to windows:’( please check out tweakhounds write up and tell me if I should keep trying to go by it or show me some other write up…thanks…ps been a windows user/hacker since win3.1 so I’m a little bit machine savvy…as this blurb shows, I’m desperate but have to keep win10 for games…

First supply unformatted space to install into by resizing and moving the Windows partition(s) from Windows.

Second be sure that you boot the installer in EFI mode not legacy mode no matter if DVD or USB

Torrent downloads should be ok but you can check the iso by comparing checksums

The openSUSE ISO is boot ready and no Linux helper utilities should be used just a binary copy to the USB device. A good tool for Windows is http://www.osforensics.com/tools/write-usb-images.html

Run the media check on the DVD to test to be sure it is not damaged

You gave a lot of what you did and not what the install did or did not do ie tell use the errors we can not look over your shoulder. All we know is that it did not work

First supply unformatted space to install into by resizing and moving the Windows partition(s) from Windows. Done 50gig 2 gig swap

boot in UFI mode could be key…this is what I did,
right clicked on drive,made 2gig swap partition
program showed my 50gig (4.88) free space
under ADD PARTITION ON /DEV/SDA I selected the following
format partition =Ext 4
Fstab options= UUID, no access time, arbitrary option value= discard…clicked next
selected=EFI boot partition, edit
selected=do not format partition,then selected=0x00 EFI boot
mount partition, then /boot/efi
checked expert partitioner ,all looked okay.
ERROR= sys requires EFI bootsetup
selected disk doesn’t contain GPT disk label YAST will create a GPT label on this disk.
You need to mark all partitions on this disk for removal…
Thats her…
Thanks for your quick response. my linux knowledge and lingo is poor at best so KISS {keep it simple stupid} thanks
ps tried different ways to ckeck iso images check sum on the downloaded images. all the time says different. thats why I payed money to get good disks…don’t really know how to properly do a checksum check even today…info isn’t simple and clear enough for me and I greatly suspect all or most newbies just give up frustrated and submit fully to windoze…

You apparently have a DOS partitioned disk not a GPT. EFI boot requires a GPT partitioned disk Changing from DOS too GPT will wipe all partitions (ie DATA)

So you first must confirm what partition method is used on the disk. If DOS then you must use MBR boot so boot the installer in legacy mode to install as MBR boot.

Also please relate the history of the machine since new machines don’t come like this with Win10 installed :open_mouth:

Also all OS must use the same boot method you can’t mix and expect good results

WOW…I’d say you nailed it dead on…my hdd was running win7, then upgraded to win10…should I just wipe hdd reinstall latest win10 then opensuse? you’re advice would be greatly appreciated…thanks bud

Well you can install in a DOS /MBR boot setup The partition just become a little more complicated since in DOS you can only have 4 primary partitions one of which can be an extended which can then hold multiple logical partitions. So you must take care on layout of your partitions.

BTW always leave free unpartitioned space and let the installer suggest the proper partitioning. If you know exactly what you want then you can pre-setup the partitions but you will have to use expert mode in the installer to tell how you want to allocate things

If you really want EFI booting you can change the partitioning to GPT and reinstall all. If you have any important data on Windows back that up first. Good idea anyhow when playing with any partition changes.

You could use a live gparted disk to make the change http://gparted.org/

I’m going to check out gparted I think, then decide where to go from there. My rural broadband speeds are atrociously slow, so I have to keep that in mind…Thanks for the prompt and intelligent replay…:sarcastic:

solved…thank you all…