Dual boot Vista->Suse 11 with existing XP

Here is situation:

Dell XPS M1330 Laptop Core Duo, 4GB ram 200gb drive

C: drive is 110 GB with Vista Ultimate and BITLOCKER enabled

D: drive is 90 GB with older XP install. No encryption.

I want to wipe XP and dual boot the system with Vista and Suse 11.0. Will the bitlocker cause issues? Can Suse handle this on it’s own if I launch the SUSE DVD from Vista?

What are my options and processes?

Also, any major known issues with with the dell XPS M1330.

Just thought I’d add this link to your post as it probably helps those with more knowledge than me.

Will the bitlocker cause issues?

Does seem to be case, at the very least I wouldn’t recommend trying to do so before someone more knowledgeable has responded to clarify it.