Dual boot. Again.


I never had a dual boot system(s).
Now I want to have KDE and Gnome - both Tumbleweed and dual boot.
But, before I proceed I would like to know if what I want to do is fine. I would like to avoid starting another thread with problems of dual boot.
I want to make 5 partitions, 1 x /boot/efi , 2x / and 2 x -/home. I will install KDE. Then Gnome to another / and another /home. /boot/efi will be the same without format (make file system).
I want 2 x home to avoid any problems with Gnome/KDE config files. Anyway my /home have only 10Gb, so I can afford two of kind.

Thank you.

That should work fine, altough 10GB for /home to me seems to be a bit small, and I wouldn’t want the /homes separated, but I guess you have your reasons for that.
FWIW: I run both GNOME and KDE on the same Tw instance and have absolutely no issues in doing so. The only thing I did was making sure that baloo only runs in KDE, tracker-miner only in GNOME. Since all my email accounts are IMAP, addressbook, calendar, tasks are in my Nextcloud instance, I can use Kontact on KDE, Evolution on GNOME and the content will be the same.

Thank you Knurpht (for the answer and the hint - with baloo and tracker).

Just for information:

On my Tumbleweed system (and on other systems), I install both KDE and Gnome (and XFCE and MATE and LXqt). I have not run into any serious conflict issues.

Having both on the one system does mean that menus are larger because there is more software. Also there are more choices because there is more software.

The only minor “conflict” that I am aware of, is that Gnome really does expect you to use GDM for login. But KDE starts up fine with GDM, so that’s only a minor point.

Thank for the answer.
I did not install on the same root.
I have 2 x root and 2 x home.I share only /boot/efi.
My boot menu are 4 entries: TW, TW rescue, TW (on nvme0n1p2) and TW rescue (on nvme0n1p2).
If I boot with TW - Gnome and gdm.
If i boot with TW (nvme0n1p2) - KDE and kdm.
Gnome and KDE do not share applications. I have 2 separate DE.