DSDT: initramfs override

I have a common problem: I’m a Linux user with a Toshiba laptop. It doesn’t matter what make and model: this is just a mistake I’ll have to learn from, and never again purchase a Toshiba, since they don’t give a **** about Linux users or their issues.

After a year of exhausting research into “fixes,” I’ve found that I have a buggy DSDT file, causing the cooling fan not to switch on, and failing to let ACPI properly throttle the cou. I’ve since fixed and recompiled the DSDT. Here’s the problem: I can’t override the BIOS DSDT using the traditional patches (I understand the kernel devs discontinued using them due to possible complications), and when I compile a custom kernel, the “custom dsdt file” option doesn’t seem to help. But while I was browsing through the configuration interface to compile a new custom kernel from the latest source (that is, the source recently installed in /usr/src/), I came across a new feature. Here’s what the documentation says:

the user to add table images to the initramfs for loading at
runtime. Tables used before expansion of the initramfs may not
be replaced. Fortunately this list is small and the one most
typically used, DSDT, is not one of them.

In order to override a table, the image must be placed in the root
of the initramfs with a filename of <table-name>.aml (e.g. DSDT.aml).

As the ACPI subsystem initializes, it will load the tables into memory
and override them as the tables are needed."**

Can someone please tell me how I would place the file into the root of the intramfs? I know this is something I should know, given my previous mucking about with kernel building…sorry…

Otherwise, can anyone let me know if there’s something I’m missing a step in using the “custom dsdt file” option? This laptop is only a year old, and I’m afraid its life expectancy might be shortening rapidly. The solution to this problem seems just within reach; I only need to try this last step, to see whether this laptop will work properly in linux or is doomed to Windows hades.

P.S.: Sorry if I’m posting to the wrong forum; I simply noticed similar threads. Thanks to everyone in advance.

So I have no idea how to help, but I did find a YouTube video on the subject you could look at here:


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