Dropbox GTK UI dead -- plus proxy problem

Dear Forum,

I have opensuse 12.3 and KDE 4.10.3 from the stable release repos. After recently updating to 4.10.3, I have run into a problem I am unable to solve, re. Dropbox.

I usually use kfilebox. This is just a frontend that calls the GTK-based dropbox UI to sit in the tray alongside itself (it can be hidden, though). What happens is that this GTK tray icon does not load any more. Moreover, if I try to wipe all the dropbox folders and launch a clean install, again no UI i sshown and I cannot re-run the standard GTK installer. I have no feedback to post here because even when I run things from console I get none.

All other GTK apps work fine (inkscape, gimp, nautilus). But, I realize now, they do not sit in the tray.

The disappearance of the GTK icon would not be a problem per se. The problem is that I have to use a proxy at work, and no proxy at home. Setting the proxy via kfilebox does not work (never did) and I used the GTK applet for that. With the GTK applet gone, I cannot change them; they are stuck on work proxy settings, and I cannot synchronize from home.
Dropbox says that their daemon would use the environment ‘http_proxy’ variable, but that is firmly set to none, and all other proxy setting places (KDE’s, Gnome’s, YAsT) are all set to no proxy. Still, my dropbox uses the work proxy and does not connect from home.

I need my dropbox up and running very urgently. I see three possible problems here

  1. some GTK bug on update makes the tray icon crash (e.g., when attempting docking in the systray). → how do I fix this?
  2. there is somewhere a proxy setting script I do not know of. → Any ideas?
  3. any other dropbox workarounds?



The dropbox guides are here


Thanks. I did follow this. The end result was that when running

dropbox start -i

I got as a reply a python error

 /usr/lib64/libcairo.so.2: undefined symbol: pixman_glyph_cache_lookup 

So, something must be wrong with gtk and libcairo. I’ll try to fix that and see if this restores functionality. Many thanks!


For future reference to all others out there: there is a problem with libcairo2. The version shipped with opensuse 12.3 causes this. IN order to solve, I downgraded to the version rpovided by Opensuse 12.2.

I followed this thread: https://www.codeweavers.com/support/forums/general/?t=26;msg=143510

Maybe someone should fix this in Opensuse. There is a bug report somewhat related here: [Bug 802778] New: virt-manager doesn’t start](http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-bugs/2013-02/msg01022.html)

Thanks all!

There is GTK theme issue too