Dropbox Dolphin integration

Anyone knows a better way to achieve the goal of Dropbox Dolphin integration other than compiling this from source ?
trichard’s blog: Introducing Dropbox integration for Dolphin

Particularly I’m interested in the function :
Dropbox - How do I link to files in my Dropbox? -

I think something like this exists for GNOME and nautilus but I’m a die hard KDE user :slight_smile:

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Looks like some very new “Factory” RPMs or KDE and Dropbox have been created, scroll down the page at

software.opensuse.org: Search Results

I might assume without actually knowing that KDE on OpenSUSE 11.3 will likely support Dolphin integration.


Thanks for the reply.

I already installed kdropbox from this repo :
Index of /repositories/KDE:/Extra/openSUSE_11.3_KDE_Release_45
and it works fine. However it doesn’t allow for the functionality I already posted in my first post.

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How to Install Dropbox (Gnome)

Ignore the Gnome in the URL above, just read it.

Ok I figured out a way to solve the problem.
Open Dolphin->Settings->Configure: Dolphin…->Services->Get new services…
In the find field enter Dropbox and Dropbox ServiceMenu should pop up. Press the install button.

It downloads a file here :


Unpack the file, enter the unpacked folder and run :


And at this point it should work :slight_smile:
SUSE Paste

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Thanks but I installed it in a bit different way. Why do You discourage the installation of kdropbox in your guide ?

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Didn’t work properly for me
Is it ok for you

Well it’s the first time I’m using dropbox but it seems to work fine. Got this version installed :

Repozytorium: @System
Nazwa: kdropbox
Wersja: 0.4.1-11.4
Architektura: i586
Dostawca: obs://build.opensuse.org/KDE
Zainstalowano: Tak
Status: aktualny
Rozmiar po zainstalowaniu: 202,0 KiB
Podsumowanie: KDE File Sharing
Dropbox is a Web-based file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc. which
uses cloud computing to enable users to store and share files and folders with
others across the Internet using file synchronization.

What did not work for You so that I can check if it works here ?

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It might be because I use both Gnome and KDE on this machine and the two file manager integration packages didn’t get on.
So I ended up favouring the nautilus-dropbox

So when I click the dropbox icon it opens nautilus in kde, but I don’t mind. And I never usually do that anyway. I just open Dolphin or Konqueror, both of which have the service menu options for dropbox.

It opens up properly in dolphin for me but I don’t have GNOME. It may be a silly question but did You try tweaking this ?
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Let me assume that Dropbox Prefs is from a right click to the tray icon? Which I don’t see.

If you go back to my guide. Does your installation take place similarly ?
ie: do you see this or similar: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10573557/Dropbox%20Install/drop2.png

Yes the preferences are from a right click on the dropbox icon:
Yes the installation process was very similar. It also downloaded something but as I said I’ve installed kdropbox and was running KDE during install so the progress bar looked a bit different.

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see mine

And I assume You don’t see the misc tab in the preferences ?

Correct, I don’t

So maybe the kdropbox is nicer after all :stuck_out_tongue: or maybe You didn’t install from the KDE4.5 Extra repo and that’s why You had problems with it. But these are all just guesses.

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