Drivers Needed (GeForce, EVGA, etc.)

I am planning on installing SUSE 11.0 very soon, but am concerned about driver issues.

Please could you direct me to where I may find drivers for the following:

GeForce 8800 GT (graphics card)
EVGA 780i (motherboard)
Sound Blaster Audigy (sound card)

Thanks for any help offered.

GeForce 8800 GT (graphics card) = nvidia have a repository here
EVGA 780i (motherboard) most drivers are in the kernel
Sound Blaster Audigy (sound card) = are covered by the alsa sound driver,which comes as part of the setup


Thank you very much, I appreciate your help.

Could you please tell me what a kernel is?

I have just realised another potential problem: At the moment I am running Vista 64 (I have 4 GB of RAM). I have found that (apart from the obvious Windows flaws) a great many programs are not compatible with it but are with the 32 bit version.

I just checked the version of SUSE that I downloaded. It is the DVD-x86_64. Would it be advisable to download the 32-bit version of SUSI for greater software compatibility?

the kernel Kernel (computer science - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia it may be a bit too in-depth,but, is fairly concise. As for running 32bit apps on 64bit system, they may or may not run, YMMV. Try them & see what happens,or just use a 32bit system with the pae kernel for ram >4Gb


Thanks again. I think I will start out with the 64-bit version and see how I go.

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