Drivers for Windows 10 Pro?

I’ve just installed a Windows 10 Pro virtual machine using QEMU and KVM on my LEAP 15.2 machine with all updates installed (including proprietary Nvidia drivers), but Windows 10 Pro does not go full screen. When I tell the VM to go full-screen Windows 10, Pro looks like it is running in a 4:3 aspect ratio with a really low resolution (I have a 4k monitor). I was wondering if there was anything I needed to install on the Windows 10 Pro side to get things working better with OpenSUSE LEAP 15.2 host machine? Or do I have to change a setting on the OpenSUSE side of things? I’ve never run a Windows 10 Pro VM on KVM before. I normally use VMWare Workstation Pro instead, which makes this process a bit easier.

Any help is appreciated.

Do you use virt-manager to configure your KVM-machine?
What graphics adapter does virt-manager show for your machine?

Yes. I used virt-manager.

I’m using VirtIO for the graphics with 3D acceleration enabled.

How did you install your virtio, and perhaps you should select QXL as your primary video driver opion.

Installing Windows virtio drivers for use in a KVM/QEMU guest was discussed briefly in another recent Forum thread


I’ll switch back to QXL then. It started off being QXL when I installed it and ran all the Windows 10 updates. I only changed it because I thought it would help the low resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio.

What do I need to do with QXL? I’ve never heard of that before and have no idea how it works with Windows 10 Pro.

I use Windows 10 with spice server and QXL without 3d.

Its working in 1600x900

Otherwise you can klick on this and get Fullscreen:

OK. Got it working by installing the VirtIO drivers from Fedora. Running in 2560x1440 resolution which is good enough for me as I only want to use Microsoft Office on this install of Windows 10 Pro.

Thank you all!