Dragon Player missing dialog channel

Greetings to all,

Dragon Player delivers excellent video, but only one channel of audio, music, while viewing a DVD. Unable to hear voice(dialog) on Dragon Player. Kaffeine works great delivering excellent video and all audio with the same DVD. Not really a problem since Kaffeine works, but only filing a notice about Dragon Player. Also, Amarok works great with excellent audio. Very pleased with Leap 15.1, excellent product. Been using OpenSuse since version 9. Thank you and I’ll be monitoring.

Dragon Player appears to work well with most DVDs, delivering video and audio of music and dialog. However, Dragon Player experienced anomaly with only one particular DVD from a Sony distribution employing Dolby 5.1. So far, Dragon Player, Kaffeine, and Amarok work well in Leap 15.1. Again, the problem appears to have been with the one DVD and not Dragon Player.