Downloading product

I am short a DVD burner and my USB isn’t big enough to burn the image with something like Alcohol or Nero to it.

I was wondering if you can install openSUSE to a Mac G4 PowerPC using a live CD? Where I can find a live CD for a PowerPC (since the site lists it only in DVD format)?

Also I cannot do the network install as that may cause issues with the network at work.

Thanks in advance for everyone insight.

I looked for it a while back and I don’t think there’s a LiveCD for the PPC. If you can’t find a DVD drive or host the DVD contents on a server on the LAN (the network install also works installing from a LAN server, not necessary for the packages to come from the Internet, in case you are worried about the data transfer and the proxy setup, etc), then unfortunately you have to try another distro.

I have sucessfully installed 11.1 on a G5 using a local web server to serve the contents of the DVD image. The donor machine was also Linux so I mounted the ISO image loopback on a directory served by the web server. Other methods are available: ftp, smb, etc.