Dolphin terminal window (KDE 4.2)


Is there a way to configure Dolphin to open a Konsole window in the current directory when you hit F4, instead of opening the terminal window that it does now by default?

(Opening/launching a Konsole is what KDE 4.1 does. I’d like to keep that particular behaviour.)

Erp. Make that “KDE 3.x does”

In Dolphin go to View - Panels
Check terminal

This is the way it works in Dolphin

Yes, View - Panels does the same thing is pressing F4, it opens the little terminal window which is part of Dolphin.

In KDE 3.x it opens a Konsole window, which is exactly the behaviour I want. Is there a way to configure Dolphin in KDE 4 to do this?

(Funnily enough, Konqueror does exactly the right thing, hasn’t changed.)

Hmmm, looks like it is a bug in KDE4…

The F4 key works for me. You can also get a console button by by right clicking on the tool bar and choosing configure


That’s a wishlist note to encourage the devs to change the default behaviour. As I see it, the default behaviour is to open the attached mini Konsole, so that’s not really a bug.

I have Konqueror file browser in my panel and on the desktop. I avoid Dolphin still, but eventually I’ll give in.