Dolphin Split Screen Problem

I am running KDE desktop and have recently found a problem with Dolphin. In the left hand screen I have Name, Size, Modified and Type as set and with a list of directories in the Name column I can see the details for each directory in the appropriate columns.
In the right hand column the headings are the same and with list of directories in the Name column I have the modified date and type folder but no information in the Size column.

I have not noticed this before but it accounts for me having files fail to copy and not seeing it recently. Problem was that some directories were truly empty that should have had content.
Have I messed up the settings or is this a fault?

I don’t see that issue but what I would say is that the size is only filled in for real directories in the path any which are symlinks have an empty size, so are all your directories real or symlinks?


I think this may be the issue. Didn’t know about this before. Many thanks.

In my experience, names of symbolic links are displayed by Dolphin in italic font (and of course no size shown).

Using Dolphin Version 20.04.2 size is shown for both symlinked directories and files:

Have to try on one of my TW machines later… Maybe a regression in Dolphin, which would certainly warrant a bug report.

Sorry, I probably spoke too soon.

This is 15.2. and Dolphin 20.04.2 shows for a symlink to a directory in the Size column “n items”, thus the same as is would do for the directory itself.

And it shows indeed also the size of the file pointed to for a symlink to a file.

This is different from ls, which show of course the real size of the symlink, which is the number of bytes needed to accommodate the name of the target.

Just tried on a TW system which has Dolphin 20.08.0 and the size column is not populated for directories.

Was about to create a bug report, and found one already exists:

Thanks for finding it. And it is right at the source: KDE.

I am not sure if reporting it also on openSUSE might help in getting a repaired version sooner after it is released by KDE.

I doubt it would make much difference in this instance. KDE would probably regard it as a fairly low priority and the bug fix would wait until one of the monthly Plasma bugfix releases.

At the moment it only affects the dolphin version shipped with TW, (apart from any Leap users who have chosen to obtain a later version). As TW generally includes the monthly bugfix releases a few days after KDE release them there won’t be much to speed up anyway.

Thanks all for clearing this up.
Will wait for any fixes but not with bated breath!

Fixed in Dolphin 20.12 KDirectoryContentsCounter: fix support of symlinks dir (1c2fbdef) · Commits · System / Dolphin · GitLab