dolphin makes freeze plasma!!

When I move a large number of files that dolphin is the freezes plasma
After the Close dolphin plasma is correct
I did this work with other files manager, but it was not freeze plasma
Please see the following video file

Probably a bug should report it. In the past there have been other reports of problems with copying large number of files with Dolphin so check for existing bug reports and add to them if they match your problem.

My english is not good
Please submit your report

I don’t have the problem so you must if you want it fixed. Just list the facts you don’t have to be that fluent. You do fine here

Use the same password and user as here

I have such a problem does not exist on your system
This means that dolphin does not bug so I just happened

Don’t run leap either I run 13.2 and seldom copy tons of files. In the past problems have been reported copying large number of files. The point is the person having the problem must report it since the developers may suggest things or need more information I can neither test things or supply the information since I don’t run leap.