Dolphin is unreliable

Thank to Dolphin i have lost one month of work because i thrust it.

Dolphin is very buggy. you can’t trust with copy from or to an UBS key. And the developers have being advice of this for at least three years !

are you asking for help or just venting?

The bug you get: have you reported it?

Do you mean a key to the UBS AG – a Swiss global financial services company – or, do you mean a USB stick / thumb-drive / SSD / HDD?
[HR][/HR]Assuming that, the data was being copied to a USB drive by means of KDE Dolphin, yes, there is a Dolphin “gotcha”:

  • When copying large volumes of data, one has to wait.

After a while, a progress indicator appears in the Plasma System Tray and, one has to wait until the indication that the transfer has completed pops up on the Desktop.

It an USB flash drive.

It’s very big ‘gotcha’ because Dolphin is very very slow in comparison of other file-manager. Nemo is at lest ten fold faster. Dolphin to not give an obvious message. The lack of good interface in these case could classified as bug by design.

The bug have been reported at least for 3 years. The developer keep denying the problem

You were asked:

are you asking for help or just venting?

Others tried to get more technical details from you so they might be able to help you.
You did not provide anything else then variations on “it does not work”

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I don’t know about bugs, what I notice is that, at least in my oS 13.2 desktop, USB writes are cached, so it isn’t finished when the “device can be safely removed now” appears, it takes a few seconds after that - or many seconds, depending on the to-be-written size, the USB speed/quality and how much cache the system allocates for it, that I think depends on how much RAM you have installed.

A few simple workarounds are:

  1. I use USB keys with that little blinking light indicating activity. After clicking the “safely remove” or 'eject" icon I wait for the light to stop blinking. Unfortunately the hardware competition is such that to shave a few cents off the price most consumer grade USB keys don’t have one anymore.

  2. open a terminal and type sync. When the prompt cursor comes back your data has been written.

Perhaps there is a way to “uncache” removable media selectively, but it never became a pressing problem after I understood why sometimes the files would be corrupted - generally with sizes smaller than the original. Anyway I got used to give a few seconds after small writes “finish” before removing keys without light indicators, and sync when copying larger files.

AFAIR I’ve never lost any data when the USB device was properly removed.

I has to be said that on window$ machines I’ve never seen such interval between “can remove” message and write finish.

Note: copying from the USB key was never an issue, as the data is actually copied to your machine’s cache before releasing the key. Even if you remove it after the perceived finish the data will still be written to the destination media from it’s cache.

If I came across this I’d suspect defective hardware* or, in a distant second place, a problem with the cache implementation or configuration.

*I’ve seen: failing keys/external drives, dodgy USB cables, corroded/damaged/clotted USB ports, etc. Sometimes a contact cleaner spray would fix things for a long time.

One singular issue I had was using a longer than usual usb cable, pristine new. It would throw errors and sometimes the desktop wouldn’t even recognize the device. dmesg is your friend here.