Hello, dolphin has crashed, version is Leap 15.0, current on updates.
Symptoms are: not able to find existing files, files in thrash not
recoverable because they exist, … . I see two options:

  1. remove and reinstall dolphin (delete repositories and reinstall)
  2. upgrade to 15.1

I don’t know how this happened (I always remove USB-sticks
correctly I believe). Interesting is that no files seem to missing,
but dolphin is uncooperative).

Comments / Suggestions are most welcome!

Thanks in advance,
Jan Christian


  1. From a CLI – “Konsole” – does “ls
    ” list the missing files? 1. Assuming that, the files are not missing from a CLI view, does “stat
    ” indicate anything suspicious with respect to the files which Dolphin can’t find? 1. What happens if, with no Dolphin session running, the “.directory
    ” file Dolphin places in directories is removed? Do the files reappear when Dolphin is started again?

If you haven’t setup Dolphin for “remember the settings for each directory individually”, you’ll have to delete ‘~/.local/share/dolphin/view_properties/global/.directory

Apart from the advice above

Reinstalling software is almost never a solution (and why removing repos, which repos)?

Again, why? You probably will take over the problem to 15.1 because you will keep your /home partition and with it the settings of the user involved.

Instead of such panic actions, one should try to find what is wrong and why.