Dolphin don't refresh files list in samba shares until f5 pressed

When I on my system open share folder like “smb://server/share/” in dolphin and adding or removing files on other system, i can’t see the changes in my system until pressing F5. Is there any system settings to track changes in folders?

This is a good question. A samba client can send a SMB2 “CHANGE NOTIFY” request packet to request change notifications on a directory. It doesn’t appear to me that Dolphin does that though. (I agree that it would be nice if it could poll at a reasonable interval for such changes though.)

From a server perspective, the man page for smb.conf mentions that

change notify (G) 

This parameter specifies whether Samba should reply to a client's file change notify requests. 

You should never need to change this parameter 

Default: change notify = yes

So it’s active by default for samba servers at least.

Sad thing :(.

Can there be another file manager that does a good job of this task?

AFAIK, they all operate the same way (ie manual reload needed). Are your remote shares hosted on Linux or Windows machine (or a mixture of the two)?

FWIW, here’s a thread discussing the same topic…
It includes some suggestions about using scripts to undertake a refresh automatically on a periodic basis. Not really an elegant solution though.

In my network I use both systems

Thx! I saw this thread, but I thought it wouldn’t so complicated.

Is it really that all users do it manually?

Yes, for the reasons already explained.

You could always submit a bug report or discuss via mailing list if desired…