Dolphin does not show a progress bar when pasting files


I have realized that if I copy/paste or cut/paste files in dolphin, there is no little windows with a progress bar that tells the stimated time left for the files to be pasted. Can I change that? I think I used to see it some days ago, so maybe i changed something…

Thank you!!

When you copy/move a file, a progress notifier should appear in the system tray. If you click on it, a popup will appear with detailed informations:

If you don’t like this behaviour and would like to have standard progress windows lik in KDE3 times, then right-click on the “Notifications” icon (a circled ‘i’, it may be hidden so you may have to click on the green up-arrow at the right end of the system tray first to see it), select “Notifications Settings” and disable “File transfers and jobs”.
You may have to logout and login for that to work correctly though.
(sorry for the mixture of german and english in that screenshot. “Benachrichtigungen” should be “Notifications” in english)


My problem seems to be worse. I can get the notifications but two things happens:

  1. There is no icon for “notifications”, so I have to click in a blank space (where i have to “imagine” the icon) to get the notifications
  2. The background of the notification popup is the top-left corner of my desktop, even though the notification popup is in the botton-right corner.

Why does that happen? Looks weird…

I’ve experienced that occasionally, when I have used certain themes. (Not for some time though. Using KDE 4.10.5 currently.)

Probably it’s related to your setup that is not typical and could even be wayward.
Tell us about your system/Install etc…

Well, I have a partition with Windows 7 and OpenSuse 12.3 (Darthmouth) (i586) KDE. I have /home in a different partition.

Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4200 @2.00 GHz (seems like I have 2, i guess thats because the “Dual Core” stuff)

The harddisk is Hitachi, Bus SATA

The Graphic card is Intel Chipset Family (I remember this but i cant find the exact model)

Maybe I should take other graphics drivers? Thats weird because the other icons work just fine…

No, it is not related to your graphics hardware, but caf4926 is suggesting that your openSUSE KDE installation may have an issue. This can happen for example, if you have conflicting repositories enabled, which can cause strange things to happen with the DE. However, I still wonder if you have selected a problematic theme…

You could try creating a new user account, and observe whether that account has the same issue. It might be due to some wayward KDE user config file.

I’ve seen this phenomenon too, sometimes adding a widget/plasmoid triggers it. This is how I get it working again:

  • Right click the panel, Unlock Widgets
  • Right click the place where the notification icon should be, pick Remove Notifications
  • Right click the panel, Add widgets
  • Double click the Notification widget. It will appear on the right side of the panel.
  • Right click the panel, Panel settings.
  • Now click the Notification icon, a crosshair will show, drag it to the place you want.
  • Close the panel settings
  • Right click somewhere, Lock Widgets.

No, I dont think so, I am using the default theme (with some personalization changes). This is my list of repositories:

Packman Repository
libdvdcss repository
openSUSE-12.3-Debug (not habilited)
openSUSE-12.3-Update-Debug (not habilited)
openSUSE-12.3-Update-Debug-Non-Oss (not habilited)
openSUSE-12.3-Soruce (not habilited)

Does this help?

I just read this. It turns out my notification widget was somehow added to the ‘system bar’ (I don’t know the exact english translation, I mean the bar where you find the sound, internet access, clipper, etc) Doing as you indicate i got a single widget with the notification stuff, and the icon appears so i guess it works. Thank you!

Another one is this one, but I’m in doubt whether this works on pre-4.11 KDE versions:

  • Right click the systemstray in such a way that you can access the system tray’s settings
  • Click Unlock widgets
  • Check Notifications
  • In Items set Notifications to Always visible.

This is the nicer (IMHO: system notifications belong in the system tray) way.
BTW, have a look at the other things you can make showing up in the system tray. Weathericon/forecast and so on.

Having VLC and Packman is an issue, but it shouldn’t cause your problem

I did what you said, quit VLC repositories and upload VLC so that it was taken from packman. The problem solved!! Wierd, but thank you so much!

EDIT: suddenly the icon disappeared again :frowning:

Apply the switch on Packman as recommended in the guide.

It looks like if I have both notification widget active and I activate the system tray notification icon, the icon shows and works fine, but if I activate he system tray notification icon without the widget the icon doesnt show. Weird but kind of solved!

I just did as the guide say, and the problem looks totaly solved, thank you!

Lets hope so anyway…

Today I have realized that it works fine when i just added the system tray to the panel. If I shutdown and start the computer again the icon becomes invisble again. Anyway the notification widget works…

there is a small up pointing triangle that if clicked show items that are not currently in use you should see the notifier in that list. When they becaome active they will appear in the normal list