dolphin computer location

in dolphin file manager, how can I get the computer location. I tried to type in computer in address bar and it says invalid. tks.

Are you looking for Ctrl+L

And what do you mean with “computer location”?

You have the root directory and your home directory in the “Places” sidebar.
If you want your desktop folder, enter “desktop:/”.

i mean something like windows file manager. there is a view “Computer” showing all your drives e.g. Harddisk C:, CD-ROM D:, USB E: (if you have plugged in one).

looking for something similar in dolphin showing all SDA*, SDB*. In linux mint file manager nemo similar is available.

As I said, you have the “Places” sidebar for that.
That should show all your drives.

SUSE Paste

there is no such thing as a C: D: or E: drive in linux

Plug in a USB drive and it will appear in Places
insert a CD and it will appear in Places