Dolphin can't copy or move folders

Hi, there!
Most of the time, when I try to copy a folder (with files inside), I get an information message saying: “/home/user/folder1 is a folder, but a file is expected.”, and the folder is not copied.
Also, sometimes, when I move a folder, only some files are moved, others aren’t.

¿Can somebody help me with this problem, please?

Thank you in advance.

What do you use to copy???

In Dolphin, contextual menu of the folder to copy, and click in “Copy”. Then, at destination folder, click in “Paste One Folder”.
Thank you for reply.

maybe check the ownership of the files/directories

Try another user. Same problem???

I’m the owner of the folders and files.
If I close Dolphin and start it again, I can copy only one folder. Another folder can not be copied until I close Dolphin and start it again.
If I try to copy the folder from Konsole (cp -R …), there is no problem.


I have exactly the same problem here with OpenSuse Leap 42.1 Plasma 5 Dolphin. Sometimes, say, every 5th folder I try to copy, refuses to copy with a corresponding message in German that a file was expected but it is a folder. It is definitely not a rights problem but appears to be a bug in Dolphin. Copying the same folder using cp -r SRC DST in a bash is working flawlessly. Does anybody have an idea how to get rid of that nasty issue?

Thanks in advance!

Sounds like a bug report in on bugzill. But first double check you repos and tell any none 42.1 or maybe extra repos you have added. Maybe try plasma 5.5??

Perhaps impacted by this bug?