Dolphin autostart

Hi all,

been using Leap for about a week now, no real troubles so far except for some reason Dolphin opens up on boot / login.
It’s not enabled in the Autostart and no clue what is triggering it.



Did you leave it running when logging out?
Normally running programs will be restored automatically on login. That doesn’t work reliably with KF5 based applications (like dolphin) at the moment, but you might be lucky.

If you don’t like that, enter “Configure Desktop” (systemsettings5)->Startup and Shutdown->Session Management, and set the option “Start with an empty session”. There’s also the possibility to “Start with a manually saved session”, you can save a session explicitely in “Session/Power Management” in the application menu then.

If that doesn’t help, try to rename/remove the folder ~/.config/autostart/.

Dolphin wasn’t running when I logged out / shutdown.
But I changed Session management to start with a new session now, as you suggested.

Problem solved :slight_smile:

this is still happening for me in plasma 5.5 - (as it did 5.4.3 and 5.4.2) but like many annoying issues in plasma - it seems very random as to when it happens.
I’m set to restore session but this should not be the reason for a random dolphin window at boot.

Hm, never seen that here.

But the cause might be that the dolphin process was still running at logout for some reason (hanging maybe), even though you closed dolphin.