does not allow my email account to change

Hello, I want to change my email, because the one I have no longer works, but the page tells me that my password is not correct.

it asks me to retrieve my email, but the email no longer works, how can I do it?

The password I give you is the correct one.


Just to let you know we have read your question. There is a problem at the moment, but we will come back to you.

Nearly 3 months since original post, I have this same problem.
I have successfully changed my email addr at but that did not migrate to this forum. has absolutely nothing to do with this forum. To change e-mail you need to contact forum admins.

That’s odd. In May I was informed I needed to ‘migrate’ my account and as I recall the link took me to down a path that ended up at
Oh well. I can’t recall exactly what happened back then.
Thanks for your reply. I’ll dig around some more and see where I went wrong.

There are two accounts now - “customer” and “community”. They are completely separated. This forum is using community accounts and main page announced it and provided link to account management since May as well. I am not sure how one could miss it. it does end with, but it is different link.

You still cannot change e-mail on forums via account management on the above portal, you need to contact forum admins.

Thanks, no luck with that either. I sent an email to “Contact Us” and it was rejected due to “an access rule set up by the list administrator”.
I sent a private message to forum admin and got no reply.

I’d be better off losing all my history and creating a new ID.

The “Contact us” should work.

We are struggling a bit ourselves (as mods, we are not much more then normal users in this aspect).
But we are trying to get through to “those who know” :frowning:

Likely sending email as html, needs to be plain text, resend…

I did not get an immediate ‘failed’ reply so hopefully that is the correct answer.


All looks good, thanks so much for your help.