Does anyone have issues booting their intel atom pc's since kernel 6.2?

Since kernel 6.2 i cannot boot openSUSE Tumbleweed. I can install, but it stalls at: failed to switch off isp. Ubuntu has disabled the offending module and i do not have any booting issues with fedora.

Someone using arch also reported the same problem.
So, to anyone using an atom pc, does tumbleweed boot for you on kernel 6.2 and later. (Most notably berrytrail/cherrytrail)

Have a Gigabyte mb and 6.3 wouldnt boot . hung as some point. returned to 5.14. Will need to investigate as to why.

Did you try the solution that at least for Ubuntu seems to work?

Would not be a bad idea to make Bug for this, openSUSE:Submitting bug reports and openSUSE:How to Write a Good Bugreport.