Docker image and Cuda with OpenSUSE leap

Dear all,

I would like to pull a OpenSUSE docker image with cuda. Thanks to there are some openSUSE leap image available, but without cuda. Also, Nvidia engineers did some Dockerfile with cuda : However OpenSUSE is not available.

I found an old message asking OpenSUSE image and cuda:, but it is closed now.

I would like to know what will be the easiest way to get an OpenSUSE docker Images with cuda?
_Dockerfile with cuda installation as displayed in :
_Trying to copy the Dockerfile from Nvidia gitlab repo and adapt for OpenSUSE:

Warmest regards.

Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Anything is possible :wink:

Perhaps some more information on your end goal for cuda in a container?

I see here has openSUSE as a build option ( - 15.1) that could be updated?

Whilst I don’t use docker, I use nerdctl instead via rancher-desktop, maybe once know some more, happy to help if I can. I do run cuda and have a T400.