Display problems with Dell Inspiron 1100 & KDE

Greetings All,

I am attempting to install Suse 11.3 on a Dell Inspiron 1100. If I select KDE as the
default Desktop, I get a black screen upon completion of the install. If I select GNOME as the default desktop, the display works fine. If I switch to KDE after a GNOME install, I am back to the black screen.

Any ideas on what magic is needed to get KDE to work with this laptop?

Thanx in advance.


Did you try the boot code ‘nomodeset’ with KDE ?

When I add NOMODESET to the boot menu, I still get a black screen. However, the parameter allows the mouse cursor (in white) to be displayed. I can then do ctl-alt-del to bring up the logout/shutdown pop-up (instead of having to power off the machine rudely). Other than that, KDE desktop is still unusable.