Display off center


I can’t seem to find the right control to get my display centered. All apps drift off the screen to the right when maximized. I’ve looked at the Graphics Card and Monitor in YaST, and also the dialog from the desktop’s context menu. Neither seem to have a function to correct it.

Any suggestions?

Try SaX2 either in the menu or in a console.

If you change the screen resolution in the YaST module you mentioned it offers to allow you to test it (after pressing Accept). During that test you can move and resize the screen.

Perhaps you’ll have to do that and then change it back to the resolution you want (then test and move the screen in the resolution you want).

Also, have you checked that YaST has your screen size correct (to do this you will need to have the actual specs for your monitor from your manual or online). To check them, and change them if required, go to the same module as above. Under the Monitor section go to Display Size and then Size in mm. Remember to select the test option after pressing accept.

The sax2 option mentioned by John_Hudson is the same as using the YaST module so you can use whichever you prefer


has your monitor an “Auto” button on the front or underneath the front. If it has then use it and it will correctly center your screen. Maybe?

Best regards Keith

Had the same problem with nvidia 6500 card. Fixed it with adding nvidia repo, installing the x11-video-nvidiaG01 and restarting X.
After that I just changed refresh rate in nvidia-settings, everything returned to normal.