Display gone crazy

Hi everyone. When I boot to suse 12.2 64bit my screen goes like bellow and the solution is to “service xdm restart”.

Is there a fix for this?

Thanks in advance

Tell us about your graphics device and if you have installed a driver?
Are you using kde or gnome?

No drivers so far

It happens also in KDE and gnome (I install all)

First please make sure you are updated by doing this

su -
zypper patch

then do the same again to be sure…

su -
zypper patch


Now do this

open Yast > Software Repositories
Add > community repos list > select nvidia > and accept the key etc…
OK and close

Now open Yast > Software Management and the nvidia driver should be automatically pulled in and perhaps some other stuff too
when done

*Installing all kde, xxfce and gnome is not a good idea IMO

I’m not up to date because I installed suse for testing. I’ll do a manual install of the Nvidia drivers and post the result here.

Updating and installing the drivers worked as a charm. Thank you sir. Too bad I only have two hands because you desirve a round of aplause on the help you gave me tonight.

You are welcome