Display Brightness not working


I recently installed LEAP 42.3 on my Laptop and end up having a lot of problems with the video card driver or the brightness control.
Even after installing the proper video driver I still cannot change my screen brightness either using keyboard shortcuts or from settings.

I searched everywhere and still I cannot find solution.

Can someone help, I’ll provide all the info required ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

so, on an unspecified laptop with an unspecified video card you installed a unspecified driver, you have a problem and you want to know if someone has the solution?

Yep, u are right,
I asked the question in the most stupid way, sorry for that :).
My Video card is: NVIDIA Quadro K2100M, and the Laptop is: HP ZBook G1 15inch.

However I found the problem and resolve the current situation by installing “xbacklight” and modifying the keyboard system function button control. :slight_smile: