Disk setup installing 12.1 on a 4GB+8GB eee 901

I own an Asus eee 901. It has 2 solid state disks, a faster 4GB one and a slower 8GB one.

I used to have Puppy linux on 4GB sda and openSuse 11.4 on 8GB sdb.

Now I removed everything and installed openSUSE 12.1 using sda for / and sdb for /home (Puppy is living on various sd cards and usb keys now).

Anyway, after installing a few things sda is almost full.

I wish I could leave core things on faster 4GB disk and having cumbersome things like /home, /opt, maybe /usr and /tmp on 8GB disk.

Also I’d like to have all 8+4=12GB well employed not having, for example, wasted space on partitions used at 30%, if not for personal data or room for new software.

Is it possible? When I had openSUSE 11.4 all on 8GB slower ssd I never run into any disk space problems.

Any advice?

Thanks for your support

8 gigs is really tight. You did not say which desktop. But in general things move on and get bigger as more features and eye candy is added. So because 11.4 fit does not mean 112.1 will.

LVM can be used to splice partitions on different drives together.

You are right, I’m going with xfce