Disk drive ‘tickling’

I have 3 HDD’s in my machine.
/dev/sda Leap 15.4. PATA
/dev/sdb Windows Sata
/dev/sdc Leap 15.4 SATA

I know the Info Center indicates there are disk problems, but running my disk analysis USB key passes every test.

I know what each disk sounds like when being accessed.
Regardless which Leap disk I am using, something is accessing the Windows drive.

I suspect it is the S.M.A.R.T deamon, but that is just a guess.
Top does not have a line for S.M.A.R.T at the times disks are being accessed.

Can I disable smartctl or change it to only access drives once a week?
I would prefer disable, but have seen that is not a good thing to do.

I went into YaST and set ‘smartd’ to manually start instead of ‘on boot’.
Hopefully that will quiet the routine down.
Time will tell.

From this article, install fatrace and run:

> sudo fatrace /dev/<device>

There are other tools but this is I think the easiest tool for the job.

i will look into fatrace again. Read several things about it was a bit confusing.

thanks fir the response!

After setting both Leap installs to not run ‘smartd’ at boot it seems to settle the access to the windows drive some.

The problem is that when I start Win7 from Grub2, it is a long drawn out process of Windows going through a chkdsk, or worse, needing to ‘fix’ problems.

That didn’t happen until something started accessing that drive, and the accesses were constant. Nearly every every 10-20 seconds.

May be time for a new machine….

The sound is not from data access. This are signs that your harddisk is dying.

… and what does smartctl actually show for the condition of those drives - replace /dev/sda as appropriate

sudo /usr/sbin/smartctl -data -A /dev/sda

or for full details

sudo /usr/sbin/smartctl --all /dev/sda

Clicking of the head (moving constantly back to home position because of hardware failure) don’t show up in smartctl.

If that is what the problem is; and whilst it may not show directly, I would expect to see an excessive number of seek errors.

Yep, Windows drive going bad. Would work well some days(few), but most it was a problem.
Thanks for all your responses and advice!

I found the original 80GB HDD that was in the machine, put it in & installed Win7 on it.

I only need Windows for iTunes, until someone finds a always to sync to iPod Touch. When that happens Windows is gone!!

I am looking at cost of SDD’s (or a new machine).
Limited income, so cost is a big factor.

Thanks again for the helpful responses.