Discord installation is corrupt

Hello, I downloaded discord from zypper and when i log in it says “Well, looks like your Discord installation is corrupt. Let’s fix that… together” and then a link to an article how to fix it on windows
I suppose its a problem with the package manager but is there something i can do

Not a package manager issue - maybe a package issue. You’d have to look at where it was packaged (on my system, it looks like it’s from Packman) and report an issue to the packager.

Myself, I just download the .tar.gz file from Discord directly, unpack it, and run it. It tells me on startup if there’s a new version to download, and I download any update and unpack it over the previous installation. Never had a problem with it working doing it that way.

Offhand, do you have SELinux enabled on your machine? This is a common issue on Aeon/Kalpa where we use SELinux by default.

If you’re using the default AppArmor, could be a similar issue, I just don’t use AppArmor on any of my desktops, so I’m not certain.