DIsable Nvidia GPU on laptop. ( AMD + NVIDIA LAPTOP )

Hello everyone. I have a Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 with an AMD cpu ( with Radeon IGPU ) and a Nvidia 1666( or 1650) GPU. I don’t need the Nvidia gpu because i do not do video editing or heavy gaming, and also to make it use less battery power. Is there any safe way to disabling it ?

You can try bbswitch.

I have an NVIDIA optimus setup and bbswitch turns the NVIDIA card off on startup (complete off).

I tried envycontrol but i cannot shut down my laptop without taking the battery off. Also i thought bb is for old nvidia gpus.

envycontrol : GitHub - bayasdev/envycontrol: Easy GPU switching for Nvidia Optimus laptops under Linux

I’m not familiar with envycontrol but the link which you provided says the “hybrid” option needs the proprietary NVIDIA driver, a rather new NVIDIA card and an Intel 8th gen or newer processor in order to switch off the NVIDIA card completely (so this does probably not work with AMD CPUs). The “integrated” option is supposed to switch off the NVIDIA card as well (so may be that option works with AMD CPUs).

The bbswitch documentation says it only works with “optimus”. My understanding of “optimus” is NVIDIA graphics card + Intel CPU graphics. But I might be wrong on that.

May be this information on hybrid graphics can help you to find a way on how to switch of your NVIDIA card properly.

Have you checked your UEFI? On some machines the UEFI provides an option to switch off the NVIDIA card completely.