disable Monitor Powersave mode?


I Just installed suse11, and its looking good.
But there is one small detail that is bugging me…

For some reason, my monitor will go into a powersave mode after 20 minutes and turn off.
My system is still On, but the monitor isnt.
Shaking the mouse wakes the monitor back up.

My question: How do i disable this feature?
(im using KDE 3.5, btw)
i tried right-clicking the desktop, choosing ‘Configure Desktop’, then ‘Display’ (on the left), ‘power Control’ tab, and
HERE is see a checkbox “Enable Power Management”.
This is what i think needs to be disbaled… but it is grey’d out. I cant uncheck it. :

Anyway, does anyone have any ideas on this?
Great appreciated! :slight_smile:

Start up the Kpowersave program and change the settings. I had the same and it seems you can configure this in several places, I forgot which one did the trick in the end…

  • bruce-wayne,

start sax2 and disable the DPMS setting for the monitor.


Yes,do what u did but when u press the display tab,then press configure Kpowersave.
There set how much time should pass for the monitor to turn off. If u enter 0 (zero) then it will never turn off.If it is a desktop pc then make the changes only at Perfomance tab


THIS was the FIX!!
I can now see the screensavers without my monitor shutting off after 20 minutes!

Thank you All!!