Digital signature with okular

I want to digitally sign pdf-documents with ocular and it looks quite good in the beginning. I go into the menu “tools”, choose “digitally sign”. The cursor changes to a cross and I have to select the rectangle where to put the signature. After that a dialog opens, where I have to put in the pin of my smart card. Then I have to select my certificate (there is only one “D-TRUST 4.1 S …”). But than okular goes into an infinite loop wanting the pin of my smart card again and again (“Enter password (if any) to unlock certificate: D-TRUST Card 4.1 S…”). It doesn’t matter whether I just hit enter without entering a pin or whether I give the pin. The dialog comes again. The only way to end this is to click on “cancel” button.
The LED of my card reader flashes every time I put in the PIN or when I select the certificate and the certificate from the smart card is in the dialog box. So it seems, that the communication with the card reader works.
I didn’t find a way to get any debug information.
What could I do, to get further?
May system is opensuse leap 15.4 all updates installed, opensc installed. Smart Card from D-Trust and card reader from reinersct cyperjack comfort.

No reply at all, am I in the wrong forum?

Maybe your setup combination is so rare (Okular, D-Trust, reinersct cyberjack) that nobody else hit this problem…

I would be glad to get some tips how to debug

If you start okular from a konsole terminal and attempt to add the digital signature, does that yield any clues about what is failing?

Just in case the following guide is useful…

I haven’t used okular with digital signatures, (so pure speculation on my part), but another thought I had is did you first navigate to Settings > Configure Backends… > PDF and point it at the desired certificate database?

Apologies in advance if on the wrong track on this.

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