Digital projector not connecting, display goes berserk on 13.1 KDE


I am trying to connect my notebook computer to a digital projector.

My system:

Dell Latitude E6220 
Linux 3.11.10-21-desktop
openSUSE 13.1 (Bottle) (x86_64)
KDE 4 

Before upgrading to SUSE 13.1 there was a menu to choose parameters for the external screens, and it went well.

Now in SUSE 13.1 there is an interface with pictures of the displays. But this does not work on my system! When I connected the external display, the main screen started flickering wildly! It seems as though the screen frequency was wrong. When I forced it to be 60 Hz the flickering stopped. But then the external display was no longer responsive.

I tried installing GNOME. There things were workable but not perfect. The only way to connect the external screen was to turn off the built in screen first.

Please help! Until this is fixed, I am forced to use WINDOWS for my presentations!


In the majority of cases, automatic detection (using EDID and udev) suffices to configure display devices with the correct video timing, but sometimes manual configuration is still required. It’s not clear to me why one desktop may behave differently with respect to video timing.

It might be useful to mention details about your video card and driver in use.

/usr/sbin/hwinfo --gfxcard

With your projector plugged in, capture the output from

xrandr --verbose

and report here.

After reinstalling the system and updating all packages, I tried fiddling around with the display configuartion (being careful not to agitate it too much, for fear of another catastrophe).

I am now able to get the external display active, after performing this long sequence of actions:

to connect external display:

 open: system settings | display configuration
 plug in hdmi cable of external display
 press "check" on icon of external display (to make it active)
 press "reset"
 again press "check" on icon of external display (only now is resolution menu active)
 set resolution of external display to match that of internal
 press "star" on internal display icon (to make it primary)
 move icon of internal display to fully cover the icon of external
 press "apply"
 wait for external display to go on

to disconnect:

 move  icon of internal display to uncover the icon of external
 clear "check" from icon of external display
 press "apply"
 unplug external display

One would hope for a cleaner sequence of actions, not to mention an automatic connection with default values!