Difficult to setup WI-FI after first time of install OpenSuse Tumbleweed?

Hello dear community,

in the past I had installed OpenSuse Tumbleweed Gnome on a Surface 3 Pro and had some issues in the beginning with the WI-FI, but after some restarts those issues somehow went away.
Now several days ago I installed OpenSuse Tumbleweed Gnome on my desktop PC and had some issues again.

During the installation I configured the WI-FI/WLAN connection, the router was quickly found by the WLAN module, an Intel AX210, and when I reached the desktop after the installtion finished, the SSID was shown with the interface name as a prefix, like wlp9s0 FritzBox xxxx…

But upon reaching the desktop after installation, the WI-FI Symbol in the upper right corner kept disappearing and appearing again all the time.
The same disappearing and appearing happend with the WI-FI navigation item on the left when I opened Gnome Settings.

I managed, during the disappearing and appearing, to remove the network from the “Saved Networks” in the setting, but the issue persisted.
Somewhere I read that switch into Ctrl+Alt+F5 and back to Ctrl+Alt+F2 could help, but it did not help.
When I was in tty5, I noticed some text loop regarding “iwlwifi”. I appended those, sorry that they are a bit blurry, the loop was a bit too fast for my camera. (Is there maybe another way to take screenshots of tty’s?)

So it indicates, it was just a firmware error?

I thought maybe a dist-upgrade could help.
So I searched how I could make USB-Tehthering work:
Adding a “#” at beginning of the line:
blacklist rndis_host
and running:
sudo modprobe rndis_host

But still after the upgrade the WI-FI did not seem to work properly.
A popup where I should enter the WI-FI password appeared repeatingly and also a popup where I should enter the Administrator password, but this less often.
Then I removed the WI-Fi entry in “Saved Networks” in Settings again, deactivated the WI-FI in the upper right corner and rebooted the PC.

After reboot I could activate the WI-FI and enter the password normally and the internet over the WI-Fi-Module worked for the first time.

So my question for this post here would be:
Where should I look to collect all those errors, so those might be fixed and future new users do not need to have the same struggles?

This problem was already reported and fixed. The latest snapshots have the fix.

Thanks again, I guess I downloaded the install iso just a few days too early and did not search properly after resolving the problem.

I am not very fond of e.g. journalctl.
Which places, besides of journalctl, would I look at, when I would get a similar issue again?

Could you maybe recommend me also some guide for error research/tracking?

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