Different font smoothing of user and root in GNOME

This is weird - the root and normal user have the same font smoothing settings, but they are different:
As you can see, in the left is Firefox opened by normal user and in the right is SMART opened by root. The font of normal user is more blurry and I think it’s less readable. I find the font of root better. But how it’s possible that it’s different, when the font smoothing settings is exactly the same in root and normal user?

You are correct the fonts are VERY different. But, are you sure it is
not just because Firefox has a DIFFERENT rendering engine…what
happens if you start firefox as root (from a terminal) and smart as a
normal user??

Or better yet, open one instance of firefox as a normal user, and a
different instance as root.

Hi Trainzak
not sure why the fonts would be different. However, I must caution you at the danger of running a desktop environment as root, not to mention opening a web browser as root…

I suggest if you continue testing this, to use two normal users and not the root user.

> not to mention opening a web browser as root…

I guess that depends on what he connects to, huh?

Personally, my opening page is ON my computer (for obvious security
benefits). He shouldn’t need not venture further to see the fonts
rendered for root are the same (I guess) as those rendered for a
normal user. (Which makes his question self answering.)

Thats true – however why play with fire unless you have a very good reason to do so? I do not presume to know the reason Trainzak is exploring this…just thought i would throw out a word of caution! :wink: