Differences between 12.2 and 12.3?

Any major diffences?

New Packages? New Kernel? More stable? What’s changed?

I really couldn’t find any satisfaroty answer on google, so as a new SUSE user i’d like to know what has been upgraded.

As a new user, please note that it’s openSUSE not OpenSuSE or whatever combos can be made with the old capstan. SUSE is the commercial version.

New packages? Yes. For KDE, GNOME, whatever
New kernel? Yes.
More stable? Even more stable than openSUSE already is :D?

Changes: https://news.opensuse.org/2012/11/08/opensuse-12-3-milestone-1-is-ready-for-you/

What is still different, is that openSUSE, when installing from the DVD or NET iso, gives you the choice to install KDE, GNOME or other DE’s. From what I see from other distros, they all tend to make the choice for you.

On 2013-02-18 23:06, amarildojr wrote:
> Any major diffences?
> New Packages? New Kernel? More stable? What’s changed?
> I really couldn’t find any satisfaroty answer on google, so as a new
> SUSE user i’d like to know what has been upgraded.

Usually they write a release note that gets published on the news page.
And the preparation of the notes for that note is being discussed on the
factory mail list. I saw a post about it, IIRC.

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Carlos E. R.
(from 12.1 x86_64 “Asparagus” at Telcontar)

Yes I know, it’s just that we’re on the opensuseforums, I didn’t think it would matter =)

And about XFCE?

Isn’t this current version a Testing Version? If so, how that affects on stability? Because other distros tend to not be so stable on that stage

That’s one thing I love about openSUSE.

You should read in the beta forum here, many who are testing are there.

OpenSUSE has allowed installation of XFCE at install time for several versions now (many versions? Not sure, at least the last few). However I’ve heard reports that if you ONLY install XFCE you can run into some dependency problems. Instead it’s recommended to install both KDE and XFCE, since KDE will include the dependencies that XFCE really needs, but doesn’t report that it needs. I typically just install with KDE and then do a “zypper in -t pattern xfce” after-the-fact.

12.3 release notes are available openSUSE 12.3 Release Notes

I have not spent a lot of time trying XFCE. I’m pretty sure that it is the same version (4.10) as in 12.2, so not much changed. It does pickup the system wide changes, such as the new default wall paper. And, of course, some applications will have been updated.

The new 3.7.x kernel brings a lot of changes. One can read up on it here:

… but the tersely written summary in those articles don’t really provide much detail in terms of the very big changes in some places. For example according to this Phornoix article the nouveau driver had a major re-write. I happen to believe that, as on 12.3 RC1 I have superior performance with a nVidia GTX260 and also with a nVidia GT218 graphic cards. But with nvidia FX5200 (NV34) the updated nouveau driver results in a corrupted display, making it not useable for that hardware.

So YMMV (your mileage may vary) in terms of benefit from 12.3 and I am a believer that one should 1st boot to a liveCD and check out graphics, sound, networking, usb devices as much possible, prior to an installation.

My only wishes about openSUSE are:

*** Not get display issues after fresh install**

(After install, my monitor displays “Hz”, which means openSUSE is trying to display on a higher monitor refresh rate than mine can handle. It handles - 640x480@160Hz, 1024x768@100Hz, 1280x1024@75hz, 1600x1200@65Hz).

*** Fix the display gone crazy bug.** It happens at the first system run as well, forcing me to do a manual restart and run he system on recovery mode, then updating the graphics driver and the system there. Problem is I get 60Hz, makes me wanna scratch my eyes with a knife, it’s terrible.

*** Fix alsa audio.** On Steam I have to type a command in order for it to have sound. It should be automatic. Of course it could be a Steam problem, but I’ve seen related issues with Skype, for example.