Difference between zypper and Discover


I didn’t use Discover yet but tried it now on my TW. It tells me it’s having updates for 414 packages.

A zypper dup gives me 412 available updates.

If I do sudo fwupdmgr get-updates it throws “No updatable devices”. In Settings of Discover it has configured a Flathub source for Flatpak updates, but I can’t find anything flatpak related in the 414 updates.

Any ideas how to find the 2 updates Discover has, but not zypper dup?

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If in KDE you have installed widgets, themes, icons packs … you can have update for them in discover, that can explain why there is two more package shown in discover than zypper alone.

That’s interesting.

The only reason I use Discover is because I installed Opera One because the openSuse repo only has an older version.

Anyway, when I go into Discover, it only shows an update for Opera, if available, and on occasion some lower level packages (no more than 3-4 total), probably to support Opera.

But Discover never shows anything comparable to what zypper dup offers.

Seriously? 400+ packages that Discover is offering to update for the system, as a whole?

I’ve NEVER seen that. Only zypper dup offers it for me.

Hmmm… maybe have a look in Settings. I see lvfs, Flathub and the repos active in TW there…

Hmmm. Even the experts in here state that Discover only updates app-level packages and never system-related packages.

My experience is only Flatpak stuff gets update by Discover.

I’ve got 3499 in a computer sitting next to me. (can’t update at the moment. it has to stay as is for some weeks).

Well, I’m confused … I’ll check Discover’s config a bit later as @suse_rasputin suggests

Can you post a link to this statement?

That’s my experience. I have a couple Flatpak apps on my TW machine. And Discover ONLY tells me when those Flatpaks need updating, not system stuff.

I also have a MicroOS Kalpa running in a VBox VM - same thing there - Discover ONLY tells me about updates for Flatpaks.

For system stuff, I need to manually run the below (and I was told Discover doesn’t update system stuff - in MicroOS forum).

transactional-update dup

I can prove the difference on my machines.

I just switched Tumbleweed snapshot from 20230818 to 20230904 and zypper wants to update 702 packages and Discover shows 703 packages in System upgrades.

I compared package list here with 703 packages in Discover and 702 packages in zypper and the only difference is


Discover shows kernel-default as update, while zypper knows that kernel-default package will not be updated but new version installed side by side, so zypper presents it as “new package”, not as “package to be upgraded”.

Of course, zypper also shows further NEW packages that will be installed as well as packages that will be removed, and nothing is visible in Discover. … not quite, Discover shows packages that will be deleted when you start update, and it will show the complete list of packages that will be installed but without marking them as “update” or “new” (or “side by side” for multiversions).

Which just demonstrates yet again that generic PackageKit based tools are usable but lack visibility into details offered by zypper.

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Thanks for the analysis. So I stay with zypper up…

PackageKit is not installed on MicroOS by default, so how do you expect Discover to handle normal packages without it? I will not be surprised if you removed PackageKit on Tumbleweed as well following frequent recommendations on this forum.

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